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MeetQuoteShack is a web-platform which aims to solve financial problems by connecting our clients with financial institutions as per their need. Our aim to revolutionize the financial industry by connecting those who seek financial services with financial service providers, thus reducing the gap between demand and supply. Our platform focuses on solving problems rather than selling any unwanted products to our clients.

Average Auto Loan Interest Rates

Credit scoreNew car rateUsed car rate

Should We not decide a credit application objectively and effectively?

Personal Loan APR by Credit Score

Credit score rangeAverage APR
Less than 560113.62

Why credit score invented years ago to decide who is eligible & who not?

Many good payers who are stuck in trouble-credit, they can be very good borrowers if they were given a second chance. But in reality, every lender thinks underwriting is a solved problem and they treat money as goods. Thats because lenders are not sure which handful of borrowers will be good payers. This is harmful for both lender and borrower. So, with our technology we will solve this problem by creating lending technology that works neutrally and effectively. We are developing an innovative underwriting approach. That will analyse and reduce risk. End to end service from application to repayment. Also, borrowers who are good payers but stuck with trouble-credits, will get better rates saving hundreds & thousands of dollars.

Advantage for Institutional Lenders & Private Lenders


Stoping loan fraud without compromising

Credit Data analysis - involves in gathering data to conduct accurate risk profiling. Measuring risk in our scaling system so that we can minimize the loopholes of opportunity in digital lending, helping online lenders in swift decisions. Digital footprint analysis - involves in looking in to person’s online presence. So that we can get an idea about the background.


Email analysis - through deep social media profiling & domain verification. This helps to confirm legitimacy of email address by looking up 50+ online platforms and social sites connected to emails. Also it can reveal whether email address is blaclisted and data breach or any public user pictures & more. Phone analysis - to confirm whether the number is real, if its connected with social media. IP analysis - Origin of the customes’s computer connection to your site, their location & if its Tor, a proxy or a VPN.

Make your loan processing faster :

All digital – we are bringing AI in loan processing (underwriting) Adaptable for all kinds of lending (personal, car, line-of-credit, home-equity, mortgage, etc.) End-to-End service (from application to repayment.)

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Advantage for customers

  • Higher approval rates
  • Lowers average APR (interest rates)
  • High chance of instant approval

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